Brand new shop

Recently, we toyed with the idea of introducing a Tebex store to help financially support the server. After a brief trial period, we decided against it. It simply didn’t make sense since we’d have to pay to keep the store open and the whole idea of Mogus having a store is to fund it’s continued […]

No more bots!

Just a quick announcement to inform you all that will now be implementing Google’s ReCaptcha to prevent bots from registering for accounts on our site. Most of the admin work on was deleting spam accounts. That should be a problem for the past, and now, we can go on bot-free!

Mogus is ready

Some of you may know the story of the first days of Mogus. Mogus was launched too early. I (Nexust) had just started building the listings for Mogus on different Minecraft server list websites, and testing votify. The server should only have been up for a few minutes or so, but really quickly people had […]

Meet Bruce (and more)

The Kingdom of Mogus proudly introduced Bruce, the iron golem, to the region of Moguston. Bruce has joined the like of Terry, Bertie, Nigel and Brian, the residents of Moguston and valued traders. While Bruce is the protector of Moguston, the other citizens are there to be traded with. They will buy and sell. You […]