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Mogus is ready

Some of you may know the story of the first days of Mogus. Mogus was launched too early. I (Nexust) had just started building the listings for Mogus on different Minecraft server list websites, and testing votify. The server should only have been up for a few minutes or so, but really quickly people had started to join and start their new adventure on this server. I didn’t have the heart to kick everyone off the server, so with the help and input of some players, he decided to work around the players.

Having people online did complicate building Mogus a little, however it also helped construct Mogus the right way.

At last- Mogus is a functional server. All features that I wanted to launch have been implemented, polishing and introducing were the only things left to be done. What does this mean? Less downtime and more reason to log in to spend time in Mogus.

Elder Its_Me_I has made some beautiful contributions to the server that I recommend you take a look at!

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Mogus is still a WIP server

Feel free to join us! There’s still plenty to do!