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Applications will only be considered from active players. Your online activity will be checked.

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Staff must be active in the Mogus forums as well as in-game. Make sure you have account with the same username as your Minecraft account.

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Mogus is still a WIP server

Feel free to join us! There’s still plenty to do!



Talking is a big part of Mogus, being such a community driven server.

You can talk to the people around as normal, just by typing into chat. You may find that people far away from you can’t hear you.

To talk to the whole world all at once, type ! at the start of your message. For example:

!Hello everyone
Private messages

Want to speak to a friend?

/msg <name> <message>

You can send and recieve mail

/mail read
/mail clear
/mail send <name> <message>



Mogus is very community driven, with player shops and plots of land you can claim, rent, or buy.

You’ll find lots of ways to spend and make money using player shops or plots of land.

With that being said, you’ll need to know how to navigate your hard earned coins.

Checking balance

You can check how many coins you have by using this command:

Paying someone

If you need to give money to someone:

/money pay <name> <amount>

How to claim land

First, you must build a fence around the region you wish to claim.

Depending on your role, there is a limit to the total area you can claim.

Claiming land costs money. Check you balance with /balance


<name> or blank

<owner 2>

<owner 3>

Type [RP] on the top line.

Type the name you’d like to give the region on line 2, or leave blank for the server to fill it for you.

On the last two lines, you can type names of two people to add as owners or leave blank. You can add more owners later.

You can claim regions inside another region. This is helpful if you want to rent or sell sections within your region.

How to set up a shop

Begin by placing a sign onto a chest whilst sneaking, or withing one block of it (on the wall above it, for example)





Leave the top line blank (it will automatically fill with you name)

Enter the amount you’d like to sell in one transaction.

Enter your ‘buy’ price and/or ‘Sell’ price seperated by (:). B is how much you want to charge the customer. S is how much you’d pay the customer. You do not need both B and S.

What are you selling?